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The FAMILY SUPPORT ORGANIZATION OF PASSAIC COUNTY is a family-run, county-based organization that provides direct family-to-family peer support, education, advocacy and other services to family members of children with emotional and behavioral challenges.

We are an organization for families by families. In response to the need for a family driven organization, FSO-PC was incorporated in New Jersey as a not for profit corporation in December, 2004. We began operating in Passaic County in April, 2005. The Board of Trustees, all of whom are parents of children with emotional and or behavior challenges, formed the FSO with the goal of spearheading a family friendly place for families to come together for mutual support, education and sharing.

As an organization for families by families we offer a unique perspective of experiences with various systems and providers. We have as our goal a family movement that calls for maximizing the potential of all involved in providing services to children and families. Worth, knowledge and dignity of the family/caregivers are the primary to our philosophy of the FSO-PC’s family friendly environment.

As a component part of The Division of Children’s Behavioral Health Services (DCBHS) formerly known as “The Partnership for Children”, the FSO-PC works in collaboration with other Partnership agencies:

Circle of Care for Families and Children of Passaic County, Inc. is the Care Management Organization (CMO) that provides direct care management to children and families coping with complex emotional / behavior challenges, 


Children's Mobile Response Stabilization System, (CMRSS) is a 24/7 child stabilization service Youth Case Management (YCM) provides direct care management to families and children with moderate level emotional and behavioral challenges, as well as the public system partners in child welfare, mental heath, and juvenile justice.


We welcome you to become an active participant in the FSO-PC. Please feel free to call us or come by for a visit to our office.



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