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Sue Romero

Office Manager

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Nina Reams

Outreach Specialist / Family Support Partner

My name is Nina Reams and I have been working as a Family Support Partner with Family Support Organization of Passaic County (FSO-PC) since July 2018. In my role I offer peer to peer support, education/resources and assist parents/caregiver’s in advocating for their families’ individual needs. Personally, I have experienced mental health challenges and am a parent of two children that have struggled with neurodevelopmental, emotional and behavioral challenges. Having this lived experience gives me the ability to truly empathize and connect with the parents I work with on a deeper level, so they feel supported to navigate the challenges they are facing. As the Parent/Caregiver Support Group Facilitator for the West Milford area, which is held weekly at the Highlands Family Success Center *(currently due to COVID-19 meetings are being held virtually on Zoom) we provide parents the opportunity to feel connected and validated in a safe non-judgmental space. As a local resident of West Milford since 2005, I have firsthand knowledge of the upper Passaic county community resources available. I pride myself as being actively involved in the community such as being a member of the Highland Community Advisory Board and the West Milford Stigma-Free task force. Furthermore, I am honored to be a certified Connections Matter Facilitator under the partnership of Prevent Child Abuse-NJ (PCA-NJ) and the New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DCF). Connections Matter is a community-based initiative that explores how the connections we make in life profoundly impact our brain’s ability to grow and our own individual abilities to cope and thrive. Through Connections Matter trainings I can educate the public on intersecting topics of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), trauma, brain development, and resilience. Connections Matter ultimately strives to promote the building of more resilient, compassionate, and trauma-informed communities thus allow all children and individuals to succeed. I also hold a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from William Paterson University.

Mignon Huggins

Family Support Partner

Hi my name is Mignon Huggins I am a Family Support Partner with Passaic County Family Support Organization. I am a mother of 4 beautiful children and 1 Stepson. Since working for FSO for over 1 year now I am happy to have them as my extended family. I love working for FSO because I have a chance to help make a difference in other family’s lives which includes supporting their ability to achieve the family goals they wish to accomplish. Educating them to have a better understanding of each other. Also, I enjoy working with the families to help them overcome any challenges and obstacles that they may have in the present or future. My passion is to help others to be a better them and make a difference in any way possible.

Lucy Melo

Transitional Age Youth Specialist

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Mildred Tineo

Family Support Partner

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James Sawyer

Executive Director

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Kathi Champagne

Assistant Director / Community Outreach Coordinator

My name is Kathi Champagne  and my current role as  Assistant Director / Community Outreach Coordinator, for Family Support Organization of Passaic County has been fulfilling and rewarding. Aiding families and providing resources, support, education and advocacy for primary parents/caregivers of youth with emotional, developmental, mental, and behavioral and substance abuse needs. Born and mostly raised in Paterson, NJ I saw a great need for children's advocacy for parents who are in need of support. As a mother of adult children with the youngest diagnosed with Autism at age three, I have dedicated myself to continue to work effortlessly  ensuring transparency and inclusion for all youth and young adults who are impacted by the (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder, and many other challenges. With many years of experience in connecting parents/caregivers to various resources, and links within the community. I look to continue to develop even more partnerships and opportunities that will serve as  a great help and resource to many families.

Ebony Saxton

Youth Partnership Coach

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Seth Rosen

Family Support Partner

After spending 30 some odd years in the private sector, first in advertising then in sales, I finally got the chance to do something meaningful. I was grateful for the opportunity to join the Family Support Organization of Passaic County in 2016. The mission of the organization is near and dear to my heart. If I can help a family avoid the pitfalls and stress my own family went through I can consider my day well spent. I look forward to a very long term and satisfying stay with FSO-PC.

Crystal Hunter

Family Support Coordinator

My name is Crystal Hunter. In my current role as a Family Support Coordinator. I have provided Mentoring Modeling and Motivation to participants in both Individual and group settings.

 My own prior history with the Child Care System helps me approach hard to reach individuals from a unique perspective and they trust me knowing that I have been  there before myself.  I have worked with numerous families by Educating, Supporting and helping families to be better Advocates for their child and family needs. I encourage healthy social outings and family structure. I offer hope to people who are just beginning their journey through the Child Care System. My excellent communication abilities and compassion to help reinforce a healthy lifestyle. With me as your Peer Support Partner  you can expect a direct speaking strong motivator who provides a terrific role model.

Biokemia Figueroa

Family Support Partner

My name is Biokemia, and I am a Peer Support Partner for Family
Support Organization of Passaic County. I do believe in the Goal and
Mission we have at FSO.  Being in the system with my own child has

given me the experience and knowledge to address his needs and that

of the families we assist each day. Here at FSO we believe that working

together as a team we can accomplish the goals set by each and every one

of the families we currently attend in Passaic County.

We do believe that each child deserves a better education and a better way

of living and will continue to focus on each family need to address it as if it was our own."

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Executive Board of Trustees

Luz Cordero

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Board Member

Claudine Ramirez

Board President

William Hicks

Board Vice-President

Linda Reid

Board Treasurer

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